1955 Pickup

1955 Chevy Pickup

When this truck came back from media blast, it was clear that its recent past was tortured. First, the chassis needed to be reinforced to handle the planned power train upgrade. Meticulous metal work, a perfect paint job, a supercharged 6.2L LSA crate V-8 engine and other custom features to this build are the hallmarks of this high-performance classic truck. Starting at the top, the roof panel was replaced followed by both A-pillars with kick panels, rear cab panel, firewall, rockers and complete floors. From there the roof was chopped a perfectly balanced 3 ½-inches along with Kindig-It Design Spoon-Style door handles. The firewall was then tunneled and shaved, a custom ’57 Chevy grille center bar was modified to float in the grille opening, exhaust cutouts to the rear fenders were fashioned and the tailgate was modified for hidden latches.